Royal Flush Jackpots Pay Out Well at Galaxy Macau
The Galaxy Macau is a popular gambling destination is Macau, which has quickly become known as one of the most popular spots for gambling. Players come from all over the world to Macau to enjoy the various casinos and gambling options available and since they opened in May 2011, the Galaxy Macau casino has become a hot spot.

The Galaxy offers many options for players to enjoy and one of the more popular gambling choices is Caribbean Stud Poker. Gamblers want to see if they can earn a Royal Flush so they will win the big jackpots that are attached to the game.

Since the casino opened, they have handed out eight Caribbean Stud Poker jackpots. Players who draw a 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, all of the same suit, will activate the jackpot and take home the amount listed, which usually ranges in the HK$1 million amounts.

The jackpot prizes for all eight winners of the Caribbean Stud Poker game totals HK$34 million which is equal to US$4.4 million. The jackpots have ranged in prizes from HK$1.6 million to HK$6.7 million. This is also not the only prize associated with the Caribbean Stud Poker Game.

Players can also get a Straight Flush and since the casino opened, they have rewarded forty four players with a prize for this hand. A Straight Flush has paid out a total of HK$18 million in prizes, which is almost half of what the Royal Flush players were able to earn.

- 2012-03-28

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