Pennsylvania Man Caps Caribbean Stud Poker Bets
When visiting a casino and hitting the table games, players must play the game according to the casino rules. Each table game has specific rules that must be followed to ensure that game play is fair and the casino is not cheated. However, there are still players who will try and cheat the casino. Players will go to any lengths to try and earn extra cash at the casinos expense. The latest instance of casino cheating comes out of the state of Pennsylvania.

The Sands Casino has reported that an Allentown man altered his bets to try and beat the casino. The accused is Imad Georgei Farah and he is charged with capping his Caribbean stud poker bets. The player was visiting the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem when he capped his bets after the dealer had already started the hand.

The player would change the bet after the hand began, either taking away or adding to, based on the cards dealt. According to court records, the player capped his wager at least twenty times and was able to increase his profit margin by a few hundred dollars. According to police, the player would shield his cards from the view of the dealer and then make his move. Farah would place his cards standing up, over his bet and then change the wager to his benefit.

The player has already been arraigned and faces theft charges by the casino. Farah has since been released with $10,000 in unsecured bail after a court date with District Judge Robert Hawke. This story is just one of many that show how players can take their gambling game a little too far and try to best the casino, though this never happens. The casino always wins!

- 2013-06-28

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