Gambler Earns Second Jackpot Win from Intertops Casino
Winning a jackpot at an online casino is wonderful but winning two is amazing! It is very rare that a person can win a large jackpot from an online casino but it is almost impossible for a person to win more than one jackpot from the same online casino. However, one lucky player has just earned his second jackpot win from Intertops Casino.

An unnamed sixty year old man earned a jackpot of $80,000+ at Intertops Casino and he recently won an additional $49,000 by playing the exact same game. The player was enjoying the Caribbean Stud Poker game and he won the large amount less than a year and now earned an additional jackpot while playing the game yet again!

The first big jackpot came in August of last year and the lucky player claimed the Caribbean Stud game is his favorite at the online casino. The player stated he plans on using the funds he earned to invest in the property he owns. The winner stated:

You have to play in order to win. I was shocked and delighted because its my second jackpot. It was a nice surprise and good timing. The winner has apparently been playing at the online casino for many years, over a decade, and continues to come back for the great game play and jackpot options.

The manager of the online casino also commented on the recent win by stating: I guess whoever said lightning doesn't strike twice has never played Caribbean Stud. Just because you have one big win doesn't mean it cant happen again.

- 2013-07-19

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